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Dialysis Equipment and Supplies

We are able to get you the equipment you need when you need it.

Our technicians service dialysis machines and water systems to keep your clinics up and running.

We help dialysis clinics stay up and running by supplying equipment and supplies.

We can supply the equipment you need anywhere in the Caribbean! You have support available via phone, email and in person visits.

Renal Dynamics provides the Caribbean dialysis clinics the dialysis equipment they require and service they expect.

Call or email us to get your quote today!


Dialysis Equipment

  • Fresenius 2008T
  • Fresenius 2008K2
  • On-Line Clearance
  • Critline
  • Blood Temperature Module
  • Diasafe Plus
  • Bi-Bag
  • Patient information systems
  • Access Flows

Dialysis Supplies

  • All Series of Fresenius Polysulfone Dialyzers
  • Combi-set and Twister bloodlines
  • Dry and Liquid Acid Concentrates
  • Bi-bag, Individual Carton, and Bulk Bicarb
  • Fistula Needles
  • Medcomp Catheters
  • Test Strips
  • Ancillary Dialysis Supplies
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