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Renal Dynamics, LLC, the premier provider of dialysis related products and services to the English speaking Caribbean. No other company servicing our territory has more full-time professionals working on behalf of the dialysis community of the West Indies.

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Our duties encompass far more than other similar organizations in the region, as providing industry leading dialysis supplies is only one facet of our company efforts.

We are very active in providing extensive educational opportunities for West Indian dialysis professionals for both clinical and technical applications.

These programs consist of opportunities for participation in both U.S. and European based conferences, manufacturer provided instructional programs, in-field training programs provided by manufacturers and Renal Dynamics staff, and in-house training programs in our wet-lab facilities at our new offices in Oviedo, Florida.

In short, we understand the critical link between well educated, committed professionals and the quality of life provided to the dialysis patients of the West Indies in their care.

Our multi-level, in-house customer service departments are expert in providing timely, efficient, and cost effective logistics for all types of customer needs, from bulk shipments of supplies to the smallest machine part. We are sensitive to the life-sustaining nature of all our products and appropriately assure their timely arrival to our customers.

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